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Brand Integrity PlatformTM is our engine in the cloud that enables leaders to build the right environment for employee and customer engagement, while driving measurable and sustainable culture change. Its modular software platform is supported by customized services that meet the unique needs of each client. The result is real-time, data-driven knowledge that can help companies achieve better employee and customer loyalty levels, reduce turnover rates, and improve the bottom line.

The basics of the platform.

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Powerful Solutions.

That empower your people.

Employee Surveys

We measure employee alignment, engagement, and behaviors via comprehensive assessments and frequent pulse surveys to help you see clearly whether your employees are consistently engaged and how you can create and sustain greater accountability.

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Social Recognition

We provide an easy and fun way for managers and employees to recognize and reinforce good work, making it an everyday habit that builds on your company’s values and uses real-time data to continuously make your organization better.

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Customer Surveys

With key assessments tailored to your business, we uncover valuable feedback that helps your employees deliver the experiences your customers deserve and expect.

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We make sure change sticks.

With training and support at all levels.

We don’t just set it and forget it, and hope that engagement happens. When you work with us, you’ll have a dedicated account executive, project manager, lead trainer and technical support/customer service representative to help you sustain what you’ve started.

Rollout Training

As part of our Platform, we provide three levels of training—Introduction for Managers, Introduction for Employees, and Train the Trainer Sessions—to get you and your team up and running quickly with everything from design and setup to kickoff communications and an online resource center, all designed to ignite change.

Leading the ExperienceTM Coaching

It is the job of a leader to create an environment where employees can tap into their personal motivation and become more engaged. To do that, it’s important to develop the skills for reminding the workforce about the desired experience. This Brand Integrity program walks managers through the steps for establishing key habits and leadership skills to create more engagement at work.

Smart features make it simple.

And deliver real benefits that last.

Real-Time Reporting & Metrics

Continuous data exposes where your employees are engaged, where they’re not, and where you can fine-tune your culture to boost business.

Positive User Experience

An intuitive, social-media-style interface encourages company-wide participation and connects employees across your business.

Complete Integration

Scalability and seamless integration with existing third-party systems make adding Brand Integrity PlatformTM easy. You can also make it your own with your company’s look/feel.

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