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What some of our clients have experienced


  • 10% increase in patient
  • 47% increase in satisfaction with inpatient nursing
  • 74% increase in employee recognition


  • 32% reduction in
    customer accidents
  • 50% less turnover than industry average
  • 20% rise in mystery shopper scores

Aging Services

  • 45% drop in nursing turnover
  • 47% increase in patient satisfaction with inpatient nursing
  • $400k increase in Medicaid reimbursements

Professional Services

  • 18% increase in sales
  • 11% increase in earnings
  • $650k reduction of
    recruiting/training cost


  • 50% reduction in safety incidents
  • 42% increase in manager engagement
  • 67% reduction in frontline turnover


  • 3% decrease in unwanted turnover
  • 2% increase in sales
  • 7% increase in customer loyalty

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