Brand Integrity’s Customer Survey Breaking Barriers

Simpler, More Actionable Data Unseats Traditional Tools

Rochester, NY, October 13, 2016 – Brand Integrity is helping senior living organizations uncover new insights into resident and family member engagement, driving significant improvements in operational outcomes. The Brand Integrity Customer Engagement Program avoids traditional “rate our service” type questions. Rather than focusing on industry benchmarks, it assesses how consistently residents and their family members experience the organization’s values in the actions of staff.

Organizations that have switched from traditional benchmarking surveys to the Brand Integrity Customer Engagement Program cite the following benefits:

1. More control over survey creation: Survey questions are customized to assess behaviors that support the values specific to each organization.

2. Actionable data: The Brand Integrity Customer Engagement Survey reports are simple and visual. Managers can quickly hone in on challenge areas, as well as drill down by location, department, team, and more.

3. Ability to link resident engagement survey results to employee survey results: Organizations that utilize the Brand Integrity Employee Survey program can compare the consistency of customer service behavior delivery between employee and resident/family member perceptions, revealing potential gaps in the experience that employees think they are delivering and the experience residents and their family members are actually having.

According to, Brand Integrity’s client that uses both the Customer Engagement Program and Employee Survey, the focus is to define and reach its own standards for operational excellence in serving its nearly 4,000 residents.

“This is a race against ourselves,” explains Lisa Holland, quality improvement director at “For years, senior living satisfaction surveys have focused on the clinical aspects of the care or the environment. But we know that healthcare quality starts with people. And, by inviting our residents and families to share their feedback, we can assess how consistently our employees are doing the behaviors that we know will lead to higher quality outcomes.”

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