Brand Integrity Announces Four New Clients
September 14, 2016

Brand Integrity announced that it has been selected by four new clients to provide employee recognition and customer engagement support. The Brand Integrity software platform helps clients capture and measure employee alignment and assess progress via employee and customer surveys. Clients can choose which aspects of the integrated platform they want to use in order to meet their goals.

The new clients represent a range of sizes and industries. They include:

  • Simon Business School, a highly-ranked institution associated with the University of Rochester, offering full-time, part-time, and executive MBA programs. It is located in Rochester, NY.
  • MBMS, Inc., a financial software development and professional services firm located in Amherst, NY.
  • Doyle Security Systems, a provider of integrated security management products and services, located in Rochester, NY.
  • Otterbein Senior Lifestyle Choices, a leading health and human services organization located in Lebanon, OH.

“We are delighted that these clients are committed to creating the right environment for employee engagement,” explains Alexandra Powell, Brand Integrity’s director of client delivery. “Measuring how well employees understand the organization’s values and then recognizing and sharing examples of employees putting those values into action will help drive improved performance and business results..”

Brand Integrity, founded in 2002, is an employee engagement company that helps businesses build the right environment for employee engagement, driving measurable and sustainable culture change. Brand Integrity has helped hundreds of clients across 25 industries disrupt the way they approach employee engagement to enable them to overcome barriers, reduce workplace stress, and become more profitable.

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