Brand Integrity Launches ‘Holy Grail’ Enhanced Technology Suite Linking Employee Engagement to Business Results

The platform is the first comprehensive engagement offering available on the market today

Rochester, NY, March 28, 2017 –Brand Integrity, an engagement technology and consulting company, announced today the launch of a revolutionary update to its flagship employee engagement platform, designed to provide business leaders with a comprehensive overview of a company’s performance. Ultimately, the platform can aid companies with achieving better employee and customer loyalty levels, reducing turnover rates, and improving the bottom line.

A first of its kind, Brand Integrity’s 360° Engagement Dashboard combines predictive data from employee surveys, customer loyalty scores and employee recognition activity to give leaders a comprehensive view of organizational performance. The new platform enhancements, which also include pulse surveys for frequent employee feedback and adaptive home page technology that offers personalized features, are the latest upgrades to the platform.

The 360° Engagement Dashboard provides users with an at-a-glance overview of employee and customer engagement scores to view data in real time.

“This is the only tool on the market today that brings together key performance metrics that leaders care about the most,” said Gregg Lederman, chief executive officer, Brand Integrity. “Companies can track data in real time to identify trends and leading indicators by specific locations and departments to gauge the health and performance of the organization. An engaged workforce is a critical component to business success, and this technology goes a long way to help companies measure and manage how they are operating.”

One market in particular that has seen the value of improving employee engagement is the senior living industry, having integrated Brand Integrity’s platform into approximately 320 communities with more than 30,000 employees across the U.S.

“This is the most actionable platform I have ever seen,” says David Gehm, president and chief executive officer of Wellspring Lutheran, and former board chair of Leading Age, a national association for senior living. “The new dashboard gives us visibility that we’ve never been able to obtain before to identify targeted areas and make meaningful changes. This is the holy grail we’ve sought for more than 20 years, and it gives us a method for monetizing a work culture.”

The 360° Engagement Dashboard offers companies avenues to gauge key indicators for measuring everything from Net Promoter Score to employee Engaged Index™ scores, to analyze trends and track progress over time. The pulse survey suite supplements the standard bi-annual engagement surveys in order to gain short-term insights. Additionally, an enhanced home page includes a user interface that adapts to an individual’s behavior, history and tasks along with personalized alerts and notifications.

“By examining frequent, real-time feedback from employees through pulse surveys, organizations can see short-term trends on specific topics and make small changes that are highly focused, but could have a big impact on engagement,” said Doug Bennett, senior vice president of technology, Brand Integrity. “The enhanced home page gives employees a personalized experience and provides even more visibility to peer recognition, increasing program usage and engagement across the organization.”

The drive to track employee engagement has become increasingly important, as workplace culture studies have demonstrated that when employees are engaged in work and believe their contributions make a difference to the success of the company, they feel a stronger connection with a company, resulting in higher productivity, less turnover, higher profits and overall greater shareholder returns. Based on Brand Integrity’s historical data, improving employee engagement has resulted in companies experiencing:

  • Increased sales of 20 percent in 12 months
  • Reduced turnover by 45 percent within the first six months of joining a company
  • Decreased quality issues by 17 percent
  • Improved customer loyalty by 15 percent in one year
  • Increases in employee engagement of more than 300%

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