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Our best-selling and award-winning books ENGAGED! and Achieve Brand Integrity are the roadmaps to our methodology.  In them, you’ll find valuable case studies, tips, and how to create a more engaged workforce where employees live the brand, day in and day out, ultimately creating customers for life.


Word-class companies have fiercely loyal customers who proactively recommend them to others, and who buy more and more often. These companies all have one thing in common: ENGAGED employees who are motivated and committed to act in the company’s best interest. ENGAGED employees outbehave the competition by living the brand every day. A New York Times and USA Today best seller, ENGAGED will guide you through the 8 Principles needed to design and implement a sustainable culture and customer experience, ultimately creating customers for life.

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“Gregg Lederman hits the bull’s-eye in his new book, ENGAGED! He understands that inspired employees who live your organization’s values have a lot more impact on your brand than fancy logos and slick advertising. If you want motivated people and raving fan customers, read this book!” Ken Blanchard
Co-author of Raving Fans and Trust Works!

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“Creating loyal employees and customers is a journey. A consistently great experience is required. ENGAGED! is a fantastic read for those looking for a step by step pathway to improve their employee and customer experience.” Colleen Wegman
President, Wegmans Food Markets

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Brand Integrity Platform

Achieve Brand Integrity

Do employees in your company consistently think, speak, and behave in ways that strengthen work culture and customer experience?  Brand Integrity is the point where your company achieves its desired brand image while reaching business results – when employees, customers, partners, and the market understand, believe, and experience that you are who you say you are.

In this award-winning book, you’ll learn 10 Truths that — when embraced and acted on — will lead to a more engaged, motivated workforce and more profitable growth for your company.

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“I have met many people during my career who believe they know how to build a successful corporate branding program. Gregg and the Brand Integrity team are simply the best and I guarantee you will adopt some of their ideas in this book.” Arunas Chesonis
Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PAETEC Communications, Inc.

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“A branding program sets the direction for a company to pursue. Any book that describes how to get employees heading in that direction is worth reading. Achieve Brand Integrity is just such a book.” Jack Trout
Author of Differentiate or Die: Survival in our Era of Killer Competition and Trout on Strategy

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