Top 5 Most Common Company Values. Are Yours Here?

At Brand Integrity, we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations to help them create an even better place to work. As part of that process, we start by either defining or understanding the values that are important to them.

Based on the data we analyzed, organizations across multiple industries tend to gravitate to the same top five values.  So, it begs the question:  if a majority of organizations share the same values, what makes their cultures and their customer experiences unique?


Five Most Common Values Used by Organizations Across Multiple Industries


The answer is: employees who understand how to bring these values to life.

We know companies truly stand out and excel when employees understand, and are recognized for delivering, thoughtful experiences that support values such as “Superior Customer Service,” or “Operational Excellence.”   Those experiences delivered by employees transform your organization’s values into unique benefits your customers, patients, or guests can’t get anywhere else.

The bottom line is that its not enough to have a list of great values.  Nor is it crucial to develop a list of unusual or unique values.  The magic happens when leaders and managers take the values off the walls, and get everyone to live them every day. Learn more about how to do that, here.


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