Reminders: A Quick and Easy Way to Highlight Company Values

60-second reminder to bring values to life


Do you have values that employees know and demonstrate during interactions with each other and customers?

Learn the secret to success in taking your values off the wall and getting everyone to live them every day.


Does your company have core values? Most likely. But does your company “live the values” every day?

Often times we find companies who proudly display their values—linked on the website, posters on the wall—but do little beyond this announcement of what the company wants to be known for.

How does this display help employees embrace the values, person­alize them, and act them out in their day-to-day work?

It doesn’t.

Instead of announcing your company values, get every manager focused on cre­ating reminders of what it looks like to live the values. Do it every day.

When a company makes the investment to refine and roll out a set of values, the momentum and excitement can only last so long. For example, you could do all the pep rallies, speeches, letters/emails, and training to spread the word. Then, you could implement a strategic recognition program to promote the values and provide a forum for employees to acknowledge each other for demonstrating the values in action. Finally, you could integrate the values into job descriptions, hiring processes, new employee onboarding, and performance reviews. These efforts make a difference; however, many companies are still challenged to make the values part of managers’ and employees’ daily thinking.

The missing ingredient? Reminding.

Your company’s ability to get the values into the hearts and minds of employees is based less than 1% on training, speeches, pep rallies, and the like. Instead, 99% of your success will come from creating the necessary reminders.

So, imagine your company did all the actions listed above: You announced your values, incorporated them into employee recognition efforts, and integrated them into company processes. Brand Integrity clients find success in getting employees to live the values every day through consistent, ongoing reminders:

  • Define a specific set of simple, actionable behaviors for each value and administer a short survey every six months that asks employees to rate how consistently they feel others in their work area do the behaviors.

This is one way our clients remind the workforce about the values and their importance, but here’s the game-changer:

  • Have each manager or work team incorporate a One-minute Reminder into the start of an existing weekly meeting. This means setting aside one minute of the meeting for the company values. Take that minute and share a story about the company experience in action, a specific behavior to focus on in the week ahead, or a piece of customer feedback highlighting a value or behavior.

You will be surprised at the difference one minute can make. Your team will start to recognize the actions that support the company values more quickly and easily—it will become a part of their day-to-day mindset. They will truly live it (your values) every day.

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