4 ways to recognize non-desk employees

Recognize Non-Desk EmployeesMany of our clients have a large percentage of employees who don’t work at a computer. In fact, more than half of the jobs in the United States come without work email accounts. Consider jobs in restaurants, retail, manufacturing, hospice and health services: people in these professions have little in the way of direct communication with their managers and team members outside of the physical workplace.

And yet, many offline employees work directly with the customer and influence the public perception of the brand significantly. More actively involving, motivating and retaining these employees can help create a clear competitive advantage. Here are a few best practices for engaging these employees by using the Brand Integrity platform for strategic recognition:

  • Provide computer kiosks (desktop, laptop, or tablet) in central areas that can be easily accessed by employees. For example, a break room, meeting room, or other “public” employee space can work well. In general, there should be at least one kiosk per location, or one kiosk for every 100 employees.
  • Have managers set office hours where individuals can sign up for 10 to 15 minute appointments to walk through using the platform with the manager. They can learn how to log in, submit a recognition post, read posts for any department or group, and like, comment on, or share posts
  • Fortunately, smart phones are emerging as a viable in-house communication tool for offline employees. Show employees how to download and save the company recognition site to their smartphone, so they can read, write, and comment on recognition stories on the go.
  • Show employees how to update their profile settings in the site to opt in to receive text alerts. That way, they can get a text any time they receive a recognition or have a recognition to review.
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