Capture and Socialize Customer-Based Recognition

Brand Integrity has added the ability to capture customer-based recognition and share it within its employee engagement platform. The new feature provides insights into what customers appreciate most and reinforces positive employee behavior.

In addition to boosting employee morale, customer-based recognition can benefit organizations in a variety of ways. From a Human Resources standpoint, it serves to identify the behaviors consistent with the experience an organization aims to deliver to its customers. This in turn helps employees learn and repeat such behaviors, and helps hiring managers pinpoint the kind of employees they should be recruiting in the first place.

The new feature is also particularly important for employees such as desk-less and remote workers, some of whom primarily interact with customers rather than other employees. As employee engagement continues to be a major topic of interest to companies, the Harvard Business Review contends that simple acts of recognition are the easiest way to boost morale. Customer-based recognition helps employees feel more connected to the work they’re doing, as they witness first-hand the impact they have on the customer experience.

“We have always integrated our employee and customer (patient) recognition programs and it’s been critical to have positive input from both,” says Jackie Beckerman, Chief Patient Experience Officer and Director of the Strong Commitment at the University of Rochester Medical Center, a longtime Brand Integrity client who uses the feature. “The customer-based recognition component of the program has been a huge indicator for us in terms of the link between positive feedback and palpable culture change.”

Customer-based recognition activity is integrated into the platform’s reporting dashboard, tracking not only the number of customers who have submitted recognitions, but also the amount of recognitions made by customers each month. This data helps organizations to operationalize their culture and measure how their employees are living it, and how it’s rippling out to impact their customers, and ultimately, business results.

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