Not all recognition is equal: 5 methods to consider

These days, more and more companies are embracing recognition as a tool to drive engagement and give people what they crave at work (even if they don’t admit it!); however, it can be challenging to know when and how to show appreciation—especially for managers. This is often a top reason recognition is inconsistent in the work environment, which can negatively affect employee engagement, the customer experience, and a company’s ability to achieve desired results

If you’re like many companies we partner with, there are a number of ways to provide recognition and deciding which to choose isn’t always easy. The good news is, you don’t have to choose just one.

People respond to recognition differently so a combination of these 5 methods provides a great opportunity to demonstrate gratitude and encourage consistency in employee behaviors.

1. Strategic Recognition: Sharing a story that includes specifics on what the individual(s) did and how it had an impact on the organization is a great way to not only help employees feel appreciated for the relevance of the work they do, but also to share best practices that their peers can learn from.

2. Spot Recognition: Although less strategic, a quick thank you for consistency in expectations (such as arriving on time and prepared, greeting customers a certain way, etc.) supports behaviors important to the culture and reputation of the organization.

3. Team or Group Recognition: I haven’t met an organization yet that doesn’t want more teamwork so when a group of individuals work together to accomplish a goal or project, it is absolutely recognition-worthy. Calling out what the group did shows appreciation, demonstrates relevance of employees’ good work, and reinforces the importance of collaboration.

4. Achievement Recognition: Recognizing employees who earn certifications and complete career development opportunities acknowledges their focus and time investment for the better of their career and the organization.

5. Anniversary: Consistently acknowledging work anniversaries demonstrates appreciation for the employees’ loyalty to the company and also recognizes career longevity.

If recognition doesn’t come naturally, consider these methods as opportunities to drive engagement through showing appreciation. Recognition, when done consistently, helps employees feel respected and reinforces the relevance of their role with your company, which not only improves working relationships, but also helps your company achieve desired business results.

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