The Manager Rx for Recognition: 1 Post 1x/Month

How much employee recognition should managers provide? Is there a magic number? And, how much time will that require?

These are common questions from CEOs and other leaders who know that when managers strategically recognize employees, it has a positive impact on employee engagement and other business outcomes. But, how much is enough—and how will managers know when they’re doing enough?

The answer lies not in a specific number, but in the consistency. Brand Integrity recommends that managers establish a habit of writing one public recognition per month using the Brand Integrity Employee Engagement Platform.  This is much more impactful than writing six recognitions in a single month and nothing the rest of the year. To help support consistency, we work with clients to provide an accountability guideline to help managers find the tipping point in terms of recognition frequency.

Here’s an example:

In this instance, the Brand Integrity Manager Accountability Report shows the number of employee recognition posts that were made in the past six months by managers. It reveals that almost two-thirds of managers are doing a healthy amount of recognizing their staff publicly, i.e., at least one per month. What was the impact? The most recent employee survey for this client (conducted in April) showed an Engaged Index increase of 6 points.

In summary, managers can make a significant contribution to the health of an organization by following a simple prescription: Post one recognition at least once a month.

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