On-the-Go Recognition with the New Brand Integrity Mobile App

Ken Blanchard once said, “I believe the key to developing employees and building a great organization is to wander around and catch people doing things right.”

At Brand Integrity, we agree! And now, with the launch of the new Brand Integrity app, it’s easier than ever to capture daily moments of excellence on the spot—and make them public for others to learn from and be inspired by.

No Desktop? No Problem!

Healthcare worker, sales person, field service technician, retail employee—the list of non-office workers and managers is enormous. In fact, today, 75 percent of U.S. workers perform their jobs without sitting in front of a desk or computer. Instead, many rely on their smartphone to stay connected. The new Brand Integrity mobile app puts the power of recognition into the hands of managers and employees wherever they are.

Picture This

A recognition post can be made more powerful with a photo uploaded from a smartphone. Quickly post a photo of your employees and teammates when you see them demonstrating excellence or delivering your company experience. Relevant images help bring each story to life and remind others what living the brand looks like.

10 Minutes a Week

The average person spends about four hours a day on their smartphone. Imagine if you took just 10 minutes a week of that time to post a recognition? Brand Integrity clients have found that when managers make at least one post a week, it has a significant impact on employee engagement. Start a new habit today!

For more information on using the Brand Integrity mobile app, log in to the Brand Integrity Platform® and visit our Academy.

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