Adopt a New Habit: 10 Best Practices for Driving Recognition Participation

Recognition, when done strategically and consistently, has been proven to be an important driver for creating a work environment where employees can become more engaged, helping the company achieve the business results it’s committed to. Who wouldn’t want that?

The challenge is that even when managers and employees understand the value of recognition as a strategic management tool, doing it doesn’t always come naturally. Recognizing employees for doing their job well and for going above and beyond is not a habit that’s easy to adopt; however, reminders and creativity are a great way to drive consistency.

Try out some of the best practices below to see what works for you!

1. Pay it forward: One client we have initiated a campaign encouraging employees to write a recognition for someone when they receive one themselves.  Suggested messaging: “You know how good it feels when you get recognized? Next time that happens, pay it forward! Recognize someone else for demonstrating our values in action!”

2. Implement five-minute recognition breaks: Think “stretch breaks” but for recognition!  Take five minutes sometime within the week (Wednesday mornings, Friday at noon, etc.) to either recognize someone in the platform or comment on a recognition.  Schedule it on everyone’s calendar so it’s there as a reminder.

3. Tie it to a value and REMIND: Call out a Value of the Month each month, right on the homepage.  At the start of each month, remind employees what the value is and encourage them to look for examples of that value in action and recognize their peers for it in the platform.

4. Make your platform engaging: Update the platform regularly with pictures, videos, announcements/updates and stats. Keep it fresh by calling out that month’s birthdays, anniversaries, events, and achievements and encourage everyone to upload a profile image – you can even do a monthly or quarterly theme (an image of your favorite thing about winter or your pet!).

5. Download the app! At the end of a meeting, have everyone take a few minutes to download the Brand Integrity app, giving them the quickest access to the platform and allowing them to post and comment on recognition right from their phone.  Managers can also approve recognition posts via the app.

6. Set up a scavenger hunt: Create a list of items in the platform to look for (a specific person’s profile picture, a recognition post tied to a specific value, how many comments someone has made, etc.) and offer up a gift card or a few extra hours of PTO to the first person to find all the right answers. This is a great way to get people in and navigating around the site to learn where to find information and statistics.

7. Share stories in meetings (One Minute Reminder): Simply pull up the Activity Feed via the app and start a meeting reading a post from the site.

8. Put certificates on display: Print certificates from the platform for your group weekly or monthly and post in a place where others can see them – a kitchen, break-room, bulletin board, or even a conference room.  Rotate them weekly or monthly so the most recent stories are always on display.

9. Start a monthly recognition lunch: At the end of each month, bring in pizza or lunch for everyone that either wrote or received a recognition post that month. It’s a great way to build relationships within the team and across departments.

10. Focus on a specific behavior: Is there a behavior in your set of values that you know your team could get better at?  Make that behavior the focus for the month and recognize employees who work to improve it.  Post all recognition certificates related to that behavior in a visible place as a reminder to the team on what you’re working on improving.


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